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We decided to take a break from the game after accomplishing reasonably ranked kills by December of 2015, due to real life obligations and other nuances coming about. With that said, many of us picked up WoW: Legion and really enjoyed the changes, story line and general direction of the game. We have also been playing other games like Fortnite, PUBG and Overwatch together in our downtime and with our return as a gaming community, we are now officially branching off as gaming organization. We harbor influencers on platforms such as TwitchTV and YouTube and are in the process of creating teams in the aforementioned games, so if there are people out there interested in joining our stream team or one of our gaming teams, we are the gaming community for you!

This brings us to the key point of this post... <Second Attempt> is coming back stronger than ever in prep for the Battle for Azeroth! We are seeking any and all exceptional players. <Second Attempt> will continue the trend of being one of the most progressive late night raiding guilds in the US while clearing content on a lighter schedule as well as continuing to harbor a distinctive community that it's been known for over the past years.

Our raid schedule will maintain the 9:30pm - 12:30am PST / 12:30am - 3:30am EST raid times on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Core concepts about the guild remain the same. We are aiming to raid with a progressive mindset and clear content while relevant. You can find our core values and concepts under the "About Us" and "Recruitment" tabs respectively!


If you are interested in joining the raiding portion of <Second Attempt> or would like more information, feel free to apply on our website and / or add myself on Battletag:

Indofear#1324 - GM / Recruitment

Otherwise feel free to join our Discord and contact myself @indofear or @mamallama277 at https://discord.gg/9NeWCKk

Interested in joining our TwitchTV Stream Team, Fortnite, PUBGOverwatch, Heroes of the Storm or Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 teams? Feel free to sign up and post in our public forums and / or join our Discord for more information!

Kilrogg was an extremely straight forward fight. It stood very similar to the fight mechanics of Heroic, but with the obvious expectation of the lack of ability to make mistakes that you can get away with on Heroic mode. Not too many complaints on the fight from us. I can say though that I was extremely satisfied with this kill and how much the roster has grown in the last few weeks.

With the first five raid bosses on farm, it leaves the next hurdle ahead of us ready to be tackled. There's wide spread word that Mythic Gorefiend is a good test of guild's fervor to work together and progress further through the instance and this is a welcome challenge that we look forward to conquering!

We are still actively seeking more talented players to help round out our raid roster! Immediate needs are located to the right, but even if your class is not listed, feel free to apply anyway! We are looking to maintain a competitive raid roster and environment, especially considering we only raid 9 hours a week! Ideal applicants should be both patient, but hungry to help push the guild into the top 100 US rankings again, especially as a late night guild on a three night a week raid schedule!

This was an extremely enjoyable encounter, especially for an early raid boss fight! Where Heroic had boss damage mechanics that barely tickled raid members health pools and DPS mechanics that hardly required anything cutting edge regarding DPS numbers, Mythic proved the contrary! The changes from Heroic to Mythic difficulty were quite appropriate allowing for some distinctive strategizing amongst our healers to keep us alive and people to not stand in "bad." Probably one of the most humorous mechanic changes for me is the one shot mechanic where you can tell a raider obviously is standing in the wrong spot, i.e. NOT with the raid group. I guess it's a surefire way to help weed out people that can't hang and perform for the long term of the guilds goals.

Ideal applicants should be able to:

Put out relevant DPS / HPS for their gear / class.
Not stand in "bad."
Pay attention to raid strategy and follow where their told to go.

Wait... That's all normal end game raiding expectations, but I digress and say it all in jest. (Hey I rhymed!) On a serious note, our actual expectations are listed in our "About Us" and "Recruitment" section, so be sure to check those out before applying since our ideal applicant would fall under those expectations!

Realm Rank 98
Region Rank 1357
World Rank 5043
Update: Website under construction. Going to overhaul the tabs to reflect the addition of new games under the banner as well as the transition into a gaming organization among other things.
Looks great!
New class forum up! check it out!
Mythic raid roster is shaping up! Farming Heroics today and progressing through Mythics this week. Also Battle for Azeroth pre-release is available today! Who's getting it?!
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