This was an extremely enjoyable encounter, especially for an early raid boss fight! Where Heroic had boss damage mechanics that barely tickled raid members health pools and DPS mechanics that hardly required anything cutting edge regarding DPS numbers, Mythic proved the contrary! The changes from Heroic to Mythic difficulty were quite appropriate allowing for some distinctive strategizing amongst our healers to keep us alive and people to not stand in "bad." Probably one of the most humorous mechanic changes for me is the one shot mechanic where you can tell a raider obviously is standing in the wrong spot, i.e. NOT with the raid group. I guess it's a surefire way to help weed out people that can't hang and perform for the long term of the guilds goals.

Ideal applicants should be able to:

Put out relevant DPS / HPS for their gear / class.
Not stand in "bad."
Pay attention to raid strategy and follow where their told to go.

Wait... That's all normal end game raiding expectations, but I digress and say it all in jest. (Hey I rhymed!) On a serious note, our actual expectations are listed in our "About Us" and "Recruitment" section, so be sure to check those out before applying since our ideal applicant would fall under those expectations!

Realm Rank 98
Region Rank 1357
World Rank 5043
Looks great!
New class forum up! check it out!
Mythic raid roster is shaping up! Farming Heroics today and progressing through Mythics this week. Also Battle for Azeroth pre-release is available today! Who's getting it?!
Lol. Miss you Xns.
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